In order to put a stop to the slowdown of growth, we should all be on the same page

So another era of Conservative government begins, with MPs being sworn in and the state opening of the new parliament later this week. It was a disappointing general election for my party, the Liberal Democrats, but that should not obscure the progress that was made. We gained 1.2 million more votes relative to 2017 with our vote share increasing by 4.2

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  • Only the Lib Dems will Stop Brexit

  • In this General Election, only the Liberal Democrats are committed to stopping Brexit.

Blame for the Brexit mess sits with the Tory Government

It is obvious that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are trying to shift the blame for their own arrogant refusal to negotiate or suggest workable options. It is clear for all to see that the Conservatives have made a total mess of Brexit and Boris Johnson is intent on pushing the UK closer to a catastrophic no-deal