Blame for the Brexit mess sits with the Tory Government

It is obvious that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives are trying to shift the blame for their own arrogant refusal to negotiate or suggest workable options. It is clear for all to see that the Conservatives have made a total mess of Brexit and Boris Johnson is intent on pushing the UK closer to a catastrophic no-deal

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  • Revoke Article 50

  • I speak at Liberal Democrat Conference 2019 supporting their new policy to revoke Article 50 if there is a Liberal Democrat majority in the House of Commons after the next election.

Statement on my appointment as Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary

I’m absolutely delighted and honoured to have been appointed by Jo Swinson as the Liberal Democrat’s new Shadow Foreign Secretary, scrutinising the work of Dominic Raab and the Foreign Office. ‪In addition to my responsibilities as the Liberal Democrat Shadow Foreign Secretary, I will also be leading on the Department for Trade and Department for