Tory economic incompetence will cost our public coffers billions

The Public Sector Finances bulletin, published this morning by the Office for National Statistics, shows that public sector net borrowing in June 2019 was £7.2 billion – £3.8 billion higher than in June 2018 and the largest June deficit since 2015. In his Spring Statement in March, the Chancellor said the Government would borrow £29.3


OBR report shows No Deal Brexit would be unforgivable

This morning, the Office for Budget Responsibility published its Fiscal Risks Report, revealing that the UK will enter a recession if it leaves the EU without a deal. Britain has a dysfunctional economy that stops people getting on and living a happy, secure life. It would be unforgivable to heap further stress and anxiety on

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  • We're the sixth most wealthy country in the world and yet 1 in 5 people lives in absolute poverty.