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Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election and I’m not currently an MP. If your problem is urgent, please fill out the form below. Your problem is urgent if it involves domestic abuse, the safeguarding of a child, deportation, or a situation with a strict deadline; these are the only cases I am able to respond to, otherwise please contact your new MP when they are returned on the 12th December.

If you are contacting me as the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Cities of London & Westminster please email me at [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions
What can I help with?

I can contact the Home Office about existing visa or citizenship applications, ongoing passport or BRP applications, and imminent removals and deportations.

Can you contact me on behalf of someone else?

Yes, if you are the applicant’s sponsor or legal representative and can provide written consent from the applicant.

Can I help you submit an application?

As an MP I am unable to assist with submitting applications. I would recommend hiring an accredited immigration lawyer or contacting one of the advice centres listed on this page.

Can I write a letter of support for an application?

As an MP I am unable to write letters of support.

What information do you need to provide?

I will need the applicant’s full name, address, contact details, Home Office Reference Number, date of birth, and country of origin.

You should also provide any other reference numbers you have been given. For ongoing visa applications, please specify the type of visa, the date of the application and whether the application was made from within the UK.

If the issue concerns a passport I will also need the passport number.

How long does it take to receive a response?

I represent over 100,000 constituents and receive several hundred emails, letters and calls every week many relating to urgent casework issues. My small team and I make every effort to respond to all constituents as quickly as possible, however this can take up to 20 working days.

If I have made representations on your behalf I will inform you as soon as I receive a response. Please be advised that it can take up to six weeks for me to receive a response.  

How will your personal data be used?

Under UK data protection law I am the data controller for all personal data that you share with me in relation to constituency casework and correspondence. You can read more about this here.  

Useful contacts
Centre 70

020 8670 0070

Migrant Help

0808 8000 630

Asylum Aid

020 7354 9264

Refugee Action

Refugee Council

Get in touch

Information sent through this form goes directly to my office where it will be treated in the same way as correspondence received by post or email. The information you provide will treated with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with my MP privacy policy which you can read more about here

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