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Tulse Hill

The Streatham constituency contains large parts of Tulse Hill. It is a close-knit community, exemplified by exciting community projects on the Tulse Hill Estate and work of the City Heights E-ACT Academy.

Visiting Creative Soul, an arts and design shop on Streatham High Road to discuss business, the local economy and the art and creative scene in Streatham that supply them.

I wrote to the new Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid calling on him to back our call for significant investment in public services, skills, infrastructure and adopt a full industrial strategy.

I attended the March for Change with Remain activists and Liberal Democrat members to call for a People’s Vote and to stop Brexit.

I knocked on doors on Cavendish Road to talk to residents about local issues. Two local school children gave me one of their posters raising awareness of climate change!

I voted in favour of Hilary Benn’s amendment to the Northern Ireland bill to prevent a future Tory Prime Minister from suspending Parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit.

I raised the issue of the new mandatory two-factor authentication rules for online purchases from September with the Business Minister and warned of the major disruption to online retail unprepared for the changes.

I knocked on doors in the Sackville estate to talk about local issues like crime and local community developments, as well as hearing views on Brexit and national politics from residents.

I signed EDM 2511 calling on government to ensure that free menstrual products offered in schools aimed to tackle period poverty are eco-friendly and do not include single use plastics.

I attended an event by Demos and Opinium polling to discuss the progressive centre, Brexit, and how to deal with rising hate crime in our society.

I voted in favour of Stella Creasy’s successful amendment to the Northern Ireland Bill that requires the government to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland.

I voted in favour of Conor McGinn’s successful amendment to the Northern Ireland Bill to extend same sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland if no Executive is formed before October.

I knocked on doors on Hopton Road to talk to constituents about their local issues, Brexit, and youth violence in our borough.

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