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The Streatham constituency contains significant residential areas of Balham. It has been a centre of the Polish community in London since World War II, but also has significant Irish, Portuguese, Somali, Brazilian and Pakistani communities.

UQ on Zaghari-Ratcliffe

I asked the Foreign Office Minister to ensure that the UK Government presses on Iran the consequences for the continued detention of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

More United

I have signed the More United pledge to avoid language and behaviour that invites hatred, violence or disrespect, as part of the More In Common campaign.

Domestic Abuse Bill

I spoke in the debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill in the Commons calling on the government to ensure that specialist support services are sustainably funded, and not expected to go through competitive tendering.

Hong Kong Question

In light of events in Hong Kong, I asked the Foreign Secretary to ensure that the training UK agencies provide to Hong Kong law enforcement authorities does not contribute to human rights abuses.

Nicky Morgan letter

I have written to the Secretary of State raising the concerns of my constituents about the treatment of cricketer Ben Stokes and his family in the press and calling for Leveson reforms on press regulation to be brought forward.

Iran statement

I spoke in the Commons asking the Government to use its leverage to try to persuade the United States to return as a signatory to the Iran deal and ensure Saudi Arabia follows international law.

Educational Needs

I have written to Lambeth Council, calling on them to improve their assistance to SEN students after several constituents have reported instances of their children not getting the support they need.

Healthier Without

I joined the guys at Healthier Without, a new zero-waste shop selling healthy, organic and wholefood products on Streatham High Road. Give them a visit!

Streatham Space Project

I caught up with the team at the Streatham Space Project to hear about their program of events and the local creative scene in Streatham.


I have confirmed to many constituents who have written to me about fracking that I believe that England and Wales should follow Scotland’s lead and ban the practice for environmental reasons.

Prorogue Photocall

I joined fellow Liberal Democrat colleagues and other MPs opposed to Boris Johnson’s undemocratic Parliamentary shutdown calling for MPs to be recalled following ruling that it was illegal.


I have written to the Foreign Secretary about the concerning events in Kashmir, calling for the British Government to play its part in helping to mediate and bring the conflict to a peaceful resolution.

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