Campaigned for a stronger NHS

  • I have consistently called on the Government to address the underfunding of our NHS; I’ve demanded they do more to tackle supply shortages of medicines; and I opposed the scrapping of NHS nursing bursaries.

Voted to support our schools

I have voted against every Conservative Budget that has cut school funding and I've campaigned for fairer funding for schools.

Worked hard to improve local services

I have campaigned to make stations and public transport more accessible; worked with Transport for London to regenerate the high street; and I have sponsored an Early Day Motion to reverse the Government’s cuts to children’s services.

Campaigned to improve transport infrastructure

In November 2014, I voted to give local authorities more power over local bus services and to develop a more integrated, more frequent, cheaper and greener bus services. 

In July 2016, I spoke in the Commons to call for Govia Thameslink Railway, which runs Thameslink and Southern, to be stripped of its franchise for the unacceptable disruption and stress it has caused. 


Chuka Umunna voted on the Local Bus Services Bill for local government to have powers to develop a more integrated, frequent, cheaper and greener bus services with integrated Oyster card-style ticketing.


Chuka Umunna spoke in the Business of the House to call on Thameslink & Southern Rail to be stripped of their franchise.

Spoke out against cap rail fare increases

I have repeatedly voted to prevent or cap rail fare increases to help ensure that public transport is affordable. 


Chuka Umunna voted to cap rail fare increases and to ban the introduction of a new category of ticket for super-peak trains.

Chuka Umunna voted to cap annual rail fare increases at 1% above inflation and to ban increases in excess of that limit.

Chuka Umunna voted in favour of reducing public transport fares, and reducing VAT on fuel to help motorists and boost the economy.

Chuka Umunna voted to prevent individual rail fares being increased by more than the amount of the Government's cap, which applied to average increases.

Campaigned for more funding for the NHS

In November 2016, I voted for the Government to take action to address the underfunding of the health service and guarantee sustainable financing of the NHS. 

In March 2018, I spoke in parliament on NHS funding. I spoke in support of a fully hypothecated NHS tax and a cross-party convention on NHS funding to put the health service back on a sustainable footing.

In January 2019, I voted for the Government to produce an annual report on healthcare expenditure on British citizens outside the UK. This would also include all payments received by the Government for healthcare provided in the UK to non-British citizens and all administrative costs faced by NHS Trusts. 

In January 2019, I asked the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, what funding will be provided to the NHS to tackle waiting times if the UK leaves the EU.


Chuka Umunna voted to support an Opposition Day Motion address the underfunding of the NHS.


Chuka Umunna spoke in the Spring Statement in the House of Commons on insufficient NHS funding.


Chuka Umunna voted on the Healthcare (International Arrangements) Bill Report Stage New Clause 1 for the government to publish an annual report on healthcare expenditure on British citizens outside the UK


Supported public sector workers

In March 2016, I voted on an amendment to ensure that the restriction on public sector exit payments must be reviewed at regular intervals and adjusted in line with inflation and earnings growth.

In May 2016, I opposed the Government’s plans to remove NHS nursing bursaries and asked them to consider how we could best support and fund the future healthcare workforce.

In June 2017, I voted in favour of the amendment to the Queen's Speech calling to recruit more police officers and fire-fighters, end the public sector pay cap, and give the emergency and public services a fair pay rise.

In November 2018, I signed a letter to the Immigration Minister calling for the Government to cover the cost of settled status applications for EU workers in the public sector after we leave the European Union, and publicly encourage private employers to do the same.


Chuka Umunna voted on Clause 41 amendment to the Enterprise Bill.

Chuka Umunna voted to keep NHS bursaries.

Chuka Umunna voted in favour of the Health, Social Care and Security Amendment (i) to the Queen’s speech.

Championed mental health services

In October 2017, I wrote to the Prime Minister calling for mental health services to be ring-fenced in order to make a real difference to local services.

In February 2018, I signed an Early Day Motion on Mental Health Services in South London, stating my concern that insufficient funding has led to increased waiting times, delayed referrals, and very high hospital occupancy rates. 

In March 2018, I met with South London & Maudsley Mental Health staff to discuss their concerns about frontline community provision, staff retention and funding, and how I can support these issues in Parliament.

In May 2018, I spoke in the Commons on the Serious Violence Strategy. The strategy needs to start with a public health approach, with a strong focus on the mental health of our young people. We are not looking after the health and well-being of too many of our young people in deprived communities. 

In May 2019, I asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he plans to ring-fence funding for mental health services, in order to protect funding for these vital services.


Chuka Umunna signed an Early Day Motion on Mental Health Services in South London.

Chuka Umunna spoke on a focus on mental health in the debate on Serious Violence Strategy in the House of Commons.

Chuka Umunna tabled a written parliamentary question to ask the Chancellor about protecting funding for mental health services.