Championed human rights and liberal democracy

  • I passionately believe in this country’s role as a proponent of liberal values in the world which defends democracy and the rule of law. Because of these beliefs, I have voted in favour for sanctions on Russia after the Salisbury incident and to reduce money laundering and I have questioned the Foreign Secretary on measures to reduce human rights abuses during the Hong Kong demonstrations.

Supported international aid and humanitarian action

The United Kingdom has an important role to play in humanitarian work around the globe. I voted to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the civil war in Yemen. I also voted in favour of support for unaccompanied refugee children in Greece and Italy. 

Campaigned to support the rights of EU nationals in the UK

I believe that EU nationals who have chosen to make the United Kingdom their home should not have their quality of life and rights affected by Brexit. I voted in support of allowing EU nationals to have access to public healthcare on an equal footing to UK nationals. I additionally voted in favour of EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals not being subject to UK immigration controls.