Championed the rights of minority groups

  • I have consistently spoken out against racism in all forms. This included standing up against anti-Semitism within the Labour Party and against Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. I have written to the Prime Minister and the Home Office on numerous occasions challenging their treatment of those affected by the Windrush scandal. I voted in favour of same-sex couples to have the right to be able to marry across the UK.

Campaigned to protect rights for workers

I voted to protect workers from harassment and to ensure that no employee could be dismissed due to their political opinions. I initiated the first debate in the House of Commons on the issue of blacklisting of workers. I have consistently voted against proposals to increase the turnout threshold for a strike ballot to be considered valid. 

Voted consistently for women’s rights and equality

I supported the Domestic Abuse Bill, and called for funding for specialist domestic abuse services which would be allocated in terms of demand. I have also supported legislation to give women in Northern Ireland the right to have an abortion, and met with local clinics to discuss the issue of safe zones.