Supported action on violent crime

  • I sit on the Government’s Serious Violence Taskforce to hold them to account for their actions, I’m a member of the Youth Violence Commission, and I’ve voted to introduce tougher measures on those found to be carrying knives and other offensive weapons. I also led the the first debate in the House of Commons on knife crime and serious youth violence.

Worked to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour

I have supported local residents and businesses in dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour -  working with both the Council and police. 

Campaigned for increased police funding

I have worked to support our police and have repeatedly called on the Government to give them the resources they need to tackle all forms of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Chaired the London Gangs Forum

Between 2011 and 2013, I chaired the London Gangs Forum that worked to which is tackle gang activity across London.

Supported survivors of domestic violence

In August 2014, I met with the Metropolitan Police to discuss procedures for supporting survivors of domestic violence. I've also consistently urged the Government to improve funding for support for domestic abuse victims and I’m a patron at the anti-abuse charity The Cassandra Centre.


Chuka spoke in Parliament during the debate on the Domestic Abuse Bill about the need for funding for specialist domestic abuse services to be allocated to local authorities based on demand.

Worked as a Member of the Home Affairs Select Committee

From October 2015 to May 2017 I was a member of the Home Affairs Select Committee. During my time on the committee we took evidence and published reports on hate crime, abuse, hate and extremism online, anti-Semitism in the UK, prostitution, and the proceeds of crime. 

Led the first House of Commons debate on knife crime

In February 2016, I led the first ever debate in the House of Common on gangs and serious youth violence. That month I also led a public digital debate on Twitter on this issue.


Chuka Umunna led a  House of Commons debate on youth violence.

Took action on anti-social behaviour

In December 2017, I hosted a community meeting with representatives from local businesses to discuss ways to combat anti-social behaviour in the area.

Campaigned for increasing police funding

In March 2018, I signed a letter calling on the Government to increase funding for the Metropolitan Police.

Spoke out about how we stop knife crime

In August 2018, I gave a speech in Brixton on the issue of how knife crime and serious youth violence can be stopped.

Supported tough measures on violent crime

In March 2019, I voted in favour of stronger measures on offensive weapons which placed firmer penalties on those found to illegally possess a dangerous weapon. 

Chuka Umunna voted in favour of the Offensive Weapons Bill which proposed tough new measures to tackle violent crime.

Worked cross-party on crime prevention

I'm a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime and the Youth Violence Commission that work cross-party to develop new methods for preventing crime through early intervention.

Held the Government to account for their failure to tackle crime

In April 2018, I joined the Serious Violence Taskforce and have worked to hold the Government to account for their actions and failures to tackle crime.